Boom! Tech Gloves! Get into Them

Boom! Tech Gloves! Get into Them

By: Raquel Lee

Have you answered your phone or changed songs on your iPod with your nose? If you love touch screen devices and gloves equally, it’s likely you’ve tried it because while keeping your hands warm, most gloves block the power of your electricity wielding fingertips. This winter I’ll be investing in my first pair of tech gloves. Some tech gloves give access to your thumb and or index finger while others, known as capacitive gloves, allow you to use your touch screen devices without leaving your digits exposed. In no particular order, for cold weather in the east, or cold weather in the west, these are the gloves that I like the best.

The Agloves Sport $25.00

Happy to Report: The whole glove is touchscreen compatible so these are perfect for use with your tablets. They work really well with devices and have a great fit.
But You Should Know: They’ve received some complaints about quality.

Echo ‘Touch’ Tech Gloves $38.00

Happy to Report: These have an adorable ruffle detail that makes them more fashionable than some gloves in this category and they come in a variety of great colors.
But You Should Know: They run small and need to be dry cleaned.

Etre Touchy Hand-stiched Leather Gloves $387 [insert etre]

Happy to Report: This is a great looking, beautifully made glove.
But You Should Know: They’re almost $400! A girl can dream right?

The North Face eTip Glove $45.00

Happy to Report: They’ve got a silicone grip pattern to help you keep a handle on things.
But You Should Know: They’re not as warm as you might expect coming from The North Face. These are best for mildly cold weather.

Calvin Klein Texting Glove $38.00

Happy to Report: This is a longer glove so you can keep your wrists warm or scrunch them down for an edgier look.
But You Should Know: The gloves pictured above are supposed to be black. Maybe it’s my screen; if you get them, let us know.

The Gloves of Your Choice: Make Your Own Touchscreen Gloves For Texting

Happy to Report: With conductive thread, a needle, scissors and some very basic sewing skills you can make your new favorite gloves, or some you have around the house tech friendly. Check out the how-to video via Brit + Co.

But You Should Know: You may be able to find the thread at a local store but you might have to buy a spool online. They’ve got it on

Keep Warm and Carry On!