Gift Guide, Take Three

Gift Guide, Take Three

By: Terra Olsen

For this installment of our Gift Guide, we decided to feature gifts that can appeal to all the different nerds in your life. From gamers to history nerds, hopefully there is something here that suits them!

For the Gamer:

What: Video Game Controller Ornaments

How Much: $30

Where: Etsy


What: Health Energy Potion (caffeinated bev)

How Much: $3.99 (or $19.99 for 6)

Where: Thinkgeek

health energy potion drink

What: Silver Pacman Cuff Links (Hand Made Solid Silver)

How Much: $145

Where: Etsy

PacMan cufflinks

What: Mario Ornaments

How Much: $10-40

Where: Etsy

Mario Christmas Ornaments

What: Pokemon Yellow Gameboy Soap

How Much: $6

Where: Etsy

Pokemon soap

For the Gamer II:

What: Steampunk Dice Set

How Much: $23.99

Where: Shapeways

Steampunk Dice Set

What: D20 Soap On A Rope GEEKSOAP

How Much: $6.99

Where: GeekSoap

D20 Soap

What: Cards Against Humanity Special X-Mas Expansion Pack

How Much: $5+ (Pay what you want)

Where: Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

What: Dragonscale Dice Bag

How Much: $24.99-49.99

Where: AwesomeDice


What: Scrabble IQ Earrings

How Much: $8.00

Where: Etsy

Scrabble Earrings

For the Science and Math Nerd:

What: Cute and Astute Necklace

How Much: $99.99

Where: ModCloth

Cute and Astute Necklace

What: Math Pendant

How Much: $24.99

Where: Thinkgeek


What: Chemistry Shot Glass Set

How Much: $15

Where: LivingRoyal

chemistry beaker shot glasses

What: Disappearing Dinosaur Coffee Mug (It changes!)

How Much: $12.95

Where: GadgetsandGear

Dino mug

For the History Nerd:

What: Personalized Framed ”Your Year” National Geographic Magazine

How Much: $99

Where: National Geographic

National Geographic Your Year

What: Abraham Lincoln Bandages

How Much: $4.95

Where: Archie McPhee

Abraham Lincoln Bandages

What: Axis and Allies: 1941

How Much: $26.99

Where: Amazon (Or your local game store)

axis and allies 1941

What: Wooden Catapult and Trebuchet Kits

How Much: $14.99-25.99

Where: Thinkgeek


What: Teddy Roosevelt Wall Clock

How Much: $18

Where: CafePress

teddy roosevelt wall clock

For the Comic Nerd:

What: DC Earrings

How Much: $29.99

Where: Thinkgeek

DC comics earrings

What: Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology By Jennifer Stuller

How Much: $12.99

Where: Amazon (visit her site here)

inked stained amazons cover

What: Wonder Woman iPhone 5 Case

How Much: $29.99

Where: Superherostuff

wonder woman case

What: Thor Bottle Opener

How Much: $14.99

Where: Thinkgeek

thor bottle opener

What: Wonder Woman Key Chain

How Much: $4.99

Where: Lego

Wonder Woman Key Chain

What: Deadpool Pencil Cup

How Much: $79.99

Where: CCG Armory

dead pool pencil holder

Other Neato Gifts:

What: Tickets to GeekGirlCon (Oct  19th and 20th, 2013)

How Much: $20-35 (1 day vs 2 days; also kids 5-10yrs are $5 and kids 0-4yrs are Free!)

Where: GeekGirlCon

GeekGirlCon Logo

What: Doctor Who Collector’s Edition Monopoly

How Much: $35.95

Where: Barnes and Noble

Dr Who Monopoly

What: Doctor Who Knee High Socks

How Much: $9.99

Where: Thinkgeek

doctor who socks

What: Prance Party Necklace

How Much: $14.99

Where: ModCloth

unicorn necklace

What: Catball…Ball O Cat

How Much: $45

Where: Etsy

cat ball plush

What: Inevitable Betrayal T-Shirt

How Much: $19-21.99

Where: Thinkgeek

inevitable betrayal

What: Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set

How Much: $29.99

Where: Thinkgeek


Did we miss something?! Post your gift ideas in the comments!