Nerd Year’s Resolutions

Nerd Year’s Resolutions

By: Meg Humphrey

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone is getting ready their party hats and champagne. Outside of the countdown and kisses at midnight, there’s one tradition that is not to be forgotten by January First. And that, of course, are our New Year’s Resolutions. Put aside the things that make your list EVERY year that you can’t quite seem to fully accomplish (lose X pounds, save X money) and let’s focus on the more probable goals! Excluding my more personal to-dos, this is my list of Nerd Year’s Resolutions for 2013!

Read 36 books. That’s three books a month! I was doing pretty well in 2012 until sewing and my rekindled obsession with shoujo manga got in the way. We’ll see if I can do it this year, especially finishing up the stack of books I’ve owned for years that have remained untouched!

Run a panel at a Canadian convention.  This grows out of a desire to spend more time with my BFF Brian. He has been coming down to Sakura-Con every year so we can do A Star Wars Panel and now I want to save him a trip and expand our beloved panel to other conventions!

cos and effect

Make a Milk Crepe Cake. This delicious looking cake appears in just about EVERY girly manga about cooking/baking ever, but isn’t something that you can find at any bakery in Seattle (neither Asian or French)! It seems super easy to change the flavor and make it unique, but I’m awful at flipping things in a fry pan. I even worked at a Crêperie for a couple months and was still not great at it even in ideal settings! I will report back with photos when I make this attempt (probably with the help of my boyfriend who is wicked good at flipping pancakes).


Finishing Reading through the Star Wars Expanded Universe from Return of the Jedi up to Legacy of the Force. Somehow I feel like most of my 36 books for next year will be taken from these! I’ve read a lot of these when I was 10-16, but I gave up when New Jedi Order started to come out. This doesn’t include books aimed for kids (and I’ve read Young Jedi Knights so many times it’s ridiculous) and I feel like this may take quite a while! Thankfully I have the entirety of them for Kindle and they are NUMBERED!!

star wars books

Be a vendor at a new convention! I can’t wait to go back to ECCC and Rose City Comic Con and I’m already signed up for an Artist Alley table at Jet city Comic Show ’13. Part of the fun that I’m having from running The Force is Strong with This One is experiencing new conventions and meeting a bunch of new folks! I will have to think long and hard about where to go in the coming year!

Start a Photo-a-Day log of pictures of me! Okay, this sounds vain, but really the purpose is to build up my confidence and stop feeling so self-conscious. I’m hoping to be able to look back at them and go “oh man! I actually looked really cute that day!” or “oh man! I can tell a difference between the pics from January and the pics from August!” I’ve been inspired by a lot of plus-sized fashion Blogs lately and I’d thought I’d take a crack at it. PLUS, it will help me clean out my closet and prove to myself that the $70 dress I bought was totally worth it because I wear it at least three times a month!

What are your Nerd Year’s Resolutions?