2012 in Books

2012 in Books

By: Meg Humphrey

I REALLY LIKE MAKING LISTS, YOU GUYS. If I was Julie Andrews I’d be singing about how much I love them. Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics does this and because I want to be more like him, I started doing it too. The spike of reading in June was after I had SEWED SO MUCH I could not sew anymore so all of my free time was spend reading. The drop off in September was due to diving into the bottomless pit of shoujo manga (I’ve read about 24 titles start to finish since then).


Nocturns by John Connolly – A compilation of mysterious and super natural short stories. [B+]

What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro – Because profiling is COOL. My boyfriend doesn’t read a lot, so he when lends me a book to read I know I better do it. [B]

In Search of the Giant Squid by Richard Ellis [C]

the physics of super heroesFebruary:

The Physics of Super Heroes by James Kakalios – I don’t like physics, but I like this book! [B]

Neverwhereby Neil Gaiman – It always surprises folks when I tell them I haven’t read anything by Gaiman besides Stardust. I’m working on it. [B-]


Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore – Nothing can ever compare to Lamb[D]

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson – A pretty good introduction book about Primal/Paleo living. Extremely beginner friendly! [A-]

Raiders and Rebels:  A History of the Golden Age of Piracy by Frank Sherry – A fairly complete view of historically famous pirates without the romance and exaggerations.[B]


Ice Land by Betsy Tobin – A quick little read about the interaction of ancient Gods and humans. It was very interesting for because I know nothing about Norse mythology. [C]

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Alan Dean Foster – A Luke and Leia side story between A New Hope and Empire. A pretty quick read, but doesn’t really have an impact on continuity. [B-]

Allegiance by Timothy Zahn [A+]

2012 BOOKS 1


Choices of One by Timothy Zahn – This plus Allegiance are two of the greatest Star Wars books I’ve ever read. If you are a Mara Jade fan it is a must read! [A+]

Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry – Not as good as I remember it. [C]

Every Dead Thing by John Connolly – THUS STARTS MY MURDER BOOK ADDICTION. This is the first of the P.I. Charlie Parker series. I was hooked! [A]


Dark Hollow by John Connolly [A]

The Strain by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro [A]

The Killing Kind by John Connolly  – The best Charlie Parker book I’ve read. The villains are so upsetting and protagonists risk so much. [A+]

The Fall by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro [A]

The Night Eternal by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro – I read this trilogy remarkably fast (for me). I really appreciated the virus approach to vampire procreation as well as the lore behind their existence. [B]

The Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyres – an average Star Wars EU book that takes place immediately following the destruction of the second Death Star. [D]


The White Road by John Connolly [B]

Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn – The best Star Wars EU trilogy, hands down. [A+]

The Black Angel by John Connolly [B]


Dark Force Rising by Timothy Zahn [A+]

The Last Command by Timothy Zahn – I love you, Grand Admiral Thrawn. [A+]


The Unquiet by John Connolly [B-]


The Reapers by John Connolly – Book 7 of the Charlie Parker series. It focuses on Louis and Angel and has no supernatural elements, but the back story is engaging and has much more action. [B-]

the lovers john connolly


The Lovers by John Connolly – Charlie looks into his late father’s past. It answers a lot of questions from throughout the series but still leaves you with more. [B-]


The Whisperers by John Connolly [D]


What did you read this year?! Any favorites? Leave your answer in the comments below.