FITBLRPUSH 90 Day Challenge

FITBLRPUSH 90 Day Challenge

By: Meg Humphrey

Tumblr is a giant mass of anything and everything you ever imagined. Outside of cute animal pictures (Daily Otter, anyone?), my favorite web artists, and pictures of amazing food and fashion, I have found that Tumblr is a hive of healthy inspirations.


Starting on January 15th, Tumblr users Brenna and Victoria started the FITBLLRPUSH 90 Day Challenge. Tumblr users can sign up and follow the day-to-day instructions and expectations of the challenge. Using your Tumblr, you can document your progress by doing things like posting pictures of yourself, your meals, and other “fitspiration.” There are also daily questions to answer that help explore all facets of healthy living.

This challenge really appealed to me because it’s not strictly about losing weight. It’s about getting healthy (mind and body) and about accountability. There isn’t a meal plan you follow; there isn’t an exercise routine you have to do. The challenge acknowledges that every body is different and every person has a different way of reaching their goals. There is no “right way,” there is just whatever way works for you. From my own experience with getting healthy and weight loss, accountability is the most difficult thing. Without documentation and without sharing what you’re doing, you can get lost. You won’t remember those 6 cookies and ice cream you had last night. You won’t remember how awful you felt when you worked out for 2 hours every day and were only eating 1000 calories a day. You won’t have anyone there to tell you you’re doing great even when the scale doesn’t budge!! With this challenge, you don’t have to count calories – you just have to work on making better choices. And there’s over 450 other folks in the same boat as you – all with different sizes and bodies, methods and goals!


So I challenge anyone out there who doesn’t already love their body (and even those of you who do, but want to change it a little) to do this or find a similar way of challenging yourself!

To check out my FITBLRPUSH 90 Day Challenge Tumblr go to Size Matters Not (see what I did there?). It doubles as a pic-a-day “fashion” blog I started at the beginning of the year to help build confidence and feel less self conscious. I post a day behind because it’s easier to post once the day is done. I will write again once the 90 days are over! Hopefully I will have only good things to report!