The Six Most Useful Star Wars Products

The Six Most Useful Star Wars Products

By: Meg Humphrey

It’s no secret that I’m a collector. I come from a family of collectors. Pa has airplane models and music from the 1920s-1950s. My sister has shelves of artbooks and stuffed manatees. Even my mom has a display case of those silly little crystals in the shape of animals. With finite resources and space, I’ve had to be more conscious of building up my collections. Thanks to huge growth of popularity of “geek culture,” I’ve been enjoying fantastic AND functional Star Wars items. It’s the perfect combination of showing off my fandom in public, adding to my collection, and justifying my purchases because they have a greater use than sitting on a shelf looking awesome.

Out of my entire collection, these are the most handy items on a day to day bas

 R2-D2 Lunch Box.

1. R2-D2 Lunch Box. I’ve always brought my lunch. From Elementary school through college and now in the work field, it’s a habit (and also smart budgeting) to bring my own food to work. I try not to weigh my bag down too much, so this little R2 unit is perfect! He holds quite a bit of food, is insulated, has a sturdy carrying handle, and even lights up and makes his unmistakable droid beeps and whistles. You can find him over at ThinkGeek!

SW 2 Recycled Day VHS Cover Day Planner Star Wars

2. Recycled Day VHS Cover Day Planner. I’m a paper and pencil kind of gal. My boyfriend gives me guff for not using my Google calendar that’s readily available and shareable. Sorry dear, but I gotta write my stuff down! I got mine from Etsy shop bluesnotes!

SW 4 Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case

3. Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case. I actually DO have business cards to hand out, so I pretty much had to get this. It holds about 20 cards and has a satisfying push button release that pops the inner tray out of the bottom. The one downside is that it weighs probably as much as it would if it were truly made from carbonite!! This is another gem from ThinkGeek!

SW 3  New Hope Wallet

4. New Hope Wallet. I recently got this wallet as a belated Christmas gift and I LOVE IT. It’s a genuine lady sized wallet! It’s full of slots for cards (gotta have my LEGO VIP card and my Sephora Beauty Insider card in an easily accessible place), a sizeable outer zipper pocket for change, and three bill sized compartments. I’ve only been using it for a couple months, but I get a ton of compliments on it (from men and women alike)!

Wicket Thumb Drive

5. Wicket Thumb Drive. What person DOESN’T need a thumb drive now-a-days? Now when I’m transferring important documents (or more likely, the newest J-pop downloads), I do so with my furry little friend! Plus his butt lights up when he’s plugged in. Can’t get much cuter than that! Go check out Mimobot’s huuuuuge selection!

Star wars bags and purses

6. Various bags and purses. I don’t wear pants so I only ever have pockets 40% of the time. I always plan for several occasions and instances and having a bag is a necessity. Whether it’s a show stopping piece like my plush AT-AT bag, a cosplay accessory like my Wicket backpack (bought from Amazon), or a more practical lightweight drawstring backpack (made by me – you can buy your own at my Etsy), rocking a Star Wars bag is my favorite way to carry around my junk!

The Hoth Cocoa travel mug from Star Wars Celebration VI

BONUS 7TH ITEM!!! The Hoth Cocoa travel mug from Star Wars Celebration VI! I didn’t want to include it on the list because I don’t believe you can buy them anywhere. But who doesn’t need a travel mug? And it has a tauntaun on it!!