Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Valentine’s Day is  around the corner, so it seemed only appropriate to do a roundup of my favorite nerdy Valentines. Hopefully you’ll find something for the geeks in your life. (Note: I’ve credited the artists that I know. If there you know one of the artists for a piece that I don’t credit, please leave a comment so I can properly credited them.)

For the Science Nerd: 

our bond can't be broken valentine

By apaperaffaire

science nerd valentinesBy NerdyDirty (also created cover image)

For the Star Wars Fan: 

death star valentine

By Alicia-B

star wars valentine

For the Disney Geek:

wreck it ralph valentine

By Kapieren

Wall-e valentineBy LT-Arts

For the Trekkie: 

star trek valentine

star trek vulcan valentineBy LindermanArt

For the Gamer Geek: 

pokemon valentine

By VGCats


By Beavotron

For the Whovian: 

doctor who valentine

By Alicia-B

doctor who valentineBy Somebody Loved Shop

Bonus RAWR!

dino love