Featured Kickstarter: Dead Pastel

Featured Kickstarter: Dead Pastel

By: Meg Humphrey


I’ve always been into the combination of creepy and cute (or I’ve always mislabeled “creepy” things as “cute” but I think that’s splitting hairs). When two of my GeekGirlCon colleagues revealed their new clothing line, Dead Pastel, I was immediately excited! 


Dead Pastel is the love child of Amber Dawn Bushell and Raye Abellar. Dead Pastel is a creepy, cute, weird, and sweet line that offers plenty of size options (up to 6x!). Big, beautiful babes are often left out of the fashion world, but these girls are welcoming them with open arms.

Their talent for lovely design and dedication to perfect the smallest of details shows in their initial designs and Kickstarter rewards. Watch their Kickstarter video below:

On the Kickstarter, Amber notes:

The style is inspired by brands like Lisa Frank and Hello Kitty. Someone once described it to me as ‘Hello Kitty meets Tim Burton’. I took that as a huge compliment! It had originally started out has just some stickers and stationary but when Raye got involved, we started brainstorming ideas on where we could take the brand and I said my dream goal was to have a plus size clothing line, to create clothes I’d always dreamed of wearing, but were never available in my size. So, that’s what we’re gonna do, starting with t-shirts!

While her partner in crime, Rachelle added:

As a fat activist and aspiring fatshionista, getting involved with Dead Pastel was a no brainer. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help create clothes in styles and sizes that aren’t really accessible for larger bodies in today’s plus size fashion market.

If you’re looking for a wonderful blend of girly and deadly, please support this project  over on Kickstarter! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!