A Desperate Plea: No More Quizzes

 By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Hello internet. How are you today? Hey, so if it’s not too much, I have a small favor to ask. Can we please stop taking all these ridiculous quizzes? I mean, we’re all guilty of taking one or two (I personally couldn’t resist the Firefly quiz…I got Shepherd Book), but really, enough is enough.

My social media feeds have been flooded with quiz results; I feel like I’m at a 5th grade slumber party….that lasts forever!

Sandlot forever gif

Not to mention websites are loooving all the hits from the easy-peasy content creation, that takes little to no time or creativity. I mean come on, you know they are running out of things to quiz you about when they’re asking “What’s your inner potato?” and “What kind of Sandwich are you?”  (…you didn’t click on those, did you? ಠ_ಠ)

Oh, geez, thank you so much Buzzfeed! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what kind of potato I am! Gosh, I really think I’ve found inner peace now that I realize I’m a Royal Blue. And here I thought I was a Dutch Cream all these years. Silly me.

But really people, please don’t make it so easy for these sites. People click, take the quiz, and share. And they do it again, and again……Ahhh! It’s maddening! These websites don’t care how they’re getting clicks, they just want them. But wouldn’t it be great if we stopped taking quizzes so they were forced to make real content, like “The Real Reason Why Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky Never Dated in Real Life.” Errr, okay, maybe not. But you get the idea!

So again, please STOP with the quizzes already! Okay, end rant. Have a great weekend, Internet!

Here is a puppy for your enjoyment.

cute puppy bowl gif