Adorable Artist Spotlight: Inki-Jinx

I first encountered Inki-Jinx at Sakura-Con this past year. I stopped dead in my tracks when I caught a glimpse of the outpouring of adorable that was radiating from her artist alley table. Cephalopods! Desserts! Mermaids! It was a dream come true that perfectly enveloped  my favorite (non Star Wars) things!


Shelly created Inki-Jinx to fill the void for items that she thought to be extremely cute – especially featuring sea creatures. She’s been at it for years, starting with small accessories, but now she has developed a wide range of items: plushes, shirts, prints, jewelry, and more! You can find her wares at her Society 6 page or over at her Store Envy site.


In addition to the awesome merchandise, Shelly also makes an Inki-Jinx webcomic! You’ll get to know the cast and crew of Inki-Jinx. My personal favorite is Crabapple because I can’t resist grumpy crustaceans.


There’s also an Inki-Jinx Kickstarter going on right now! It’s for the production of the all too sweet plush versions of Jellyblub the Jellyfish, Sweettoof the Octopus, and Ika the squid. You can give it a look here! Maybe you’ll fall in love with one of the underwater cuties.