Black Milk Alternatives

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

A few days ago, I posted about the Black Milk Clothing PR fiasco that has left many fans looking for a new sources to fulfill their geeky legging needs. Luckily, there are some great options out there! Check out the few I’ve found so far:

We Love Fine

They have a great selection of leggings, as well as clothing (for men, women, and children), toys, and accessories. The cover a lot of fandoms, including Marvel, MLP, Adventure Time, and Star Wars.

adventure time leggings we love finemlp leggings we love fineloki leggings we love fine star wars leggings we love fine


This etsy store has all your armor legging needs. I’m partial to the chainmail leggings, but the robot leggings are rad too. They even provide tubetops to match.

medieval chainmail tubetop medieval chainmail leggings Bionic Leggings


Chubby Cartwheels

This store (and owner) scores high in the radness factor. The store is entirely devoted to making kickass plus size fashion, and are made to order. The velvet and mermaid leggings are must-have, but make sure you check out Chubby Chartwheels other pieces too.

velvet_leggings chubby cartwheelsmermaid leggings chubby cartwheels



These futuristic goth-punk styled leggings are a thing of beauty. My favorites include the game controller and Mezzo leggings. Side note, I loved this description for the Mezzo leggings: “Most of my very best work is done in my favorite espresso shop in Seattle, Vivace. These leggings are named after my fav bevvy, The Mezzo. I owe a lot to the caffeine molecule.” Don’t we all, Jeffie, don’t we all.

game controller leggings jeffie caffeine molecule leggings jeffie