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August 19

By: Meg Humphrey Have You Nerd had the incredible honor of receiving the “Most Unique Website Content” award from the inaugural year of the Geekie Awards in 2013. This year, the Geekies are mixing it up and  giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites in each category! Here are my picks. Art: Jackie […]

December 08

Nerdy Ugly Christmas Sweaters

By: TCO The ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ has become somewhat of a staple among holiday celebrations the past few years to the point that you can even buy kits at department stores to make your own. Needless to say, I think it might be time to change up the trend a bit. Enter: Nerdy Christmas Sweaters. These […]

September 03

Science Fiction Rules the Runway

By: Terra Clarke Olsen [This article originally appeared in the September issue of Pastoral Magazine.] It’s a good year to be a geek: there are more geeky movies than ever before, with new titles constantly being announced, and comic conventions and their influence continue to grow. Pop culture has fully embraced it’s geek side, and […]

August 08

Geeky Baby: Society6, One Stop Onesie Shopping

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Well dear readers, you’re going to find a lot more baby and kid oriented geek posts on Have You Nerd from now on because I’m about to take that crazy journey called motherhood. Needless to say, I’ve started looking at baby clothes and toys far more often than ever before. And while there […]

June 16

Wearable Tech

By: Terra Clarke Olsen The past few years have seen a rise in wearable tech and it’s becoming apparent that this isn’t a trend that’s going to slow down anytime soon. Rather, we’re going to see a rise of more and more wearable tech that is embraced by the masses. Especially as wearable tech becomes more fashion […]

June 02

Geeky Shoes

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Vans recently released an amazing Star Wars line of shoes, backpacks, and hats. I’ve never owned a pair of Vans before, but that’s about to change because I essentially want it all. Look at this amazing flower print, subtly  featuring Yoda. A thing of beauty, really. Or how about these splendid Stormtrooper bandana prints. Black […]

May 14

Black Milk Alternatives

By: Terra Clarke Olsen A few days ago, I posted about the Black Milk Clothing PR fiasco that has left many fans looking for a new sources to fulfill their geeky legging needs. Luckily, there are some great options out there! Check out the few I’ve found so far: We Love Fine They have a great selection of […]

May 07

The Black Milk Clothing Fiasco

By: Terra Clarke Olsen As many of you have probably heard, Black Milk Clothing had a PR fiasco three days ago. To celebrate May the 4th, they posted this image: Not surprisingly, many Black Milk fans questioned the image, pointing out that it implies that the woman on the left is somehow better and more […]

April 30

Geeky Fashion: Good Time to be a Geek

By: Terra Clarke Olsen A few weeks ago, I was prepping for WonderCon, going through all my comic book related shirts, when I realized that they were almost all male shirts (or little boy shirts which I had tried to alter). In fact, I offered a few to my husband to wear (who doesn’t own […]

August 14

Black Milk: Take My Money!

Black Milk: Take My Money! By: Terra Clarke Olsen People can get pretty protective over the things they nerd out on, acting as if they should be the only person allowed to represent “__insert-nerd-passion-here__”.  Well this is just silly, since in reality you should want mooore people to nerd out with you. More people nerding out, […]

April 19

Interview with Marina, Founder of Girly Geeky Clothing

Interview with Marina, Founder of Girly Geeky Clothing Interview by Terra Olsen Tell me about yourself. My name is Marina Eichenberg. I am the Girly Geek. Currently I live in Issaquah and work as a Toddler teacher. I spend my days making messes (but mostly cleaning them up) and love it! It’s so much fun […]