Geeky Fashion: Good Time to be a Geek

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

A few weeks ago, I was prepping for WonderCon, going through all my comic book related shirts, when I realized that they were almost all male shirts (or little boy shirts which I had tried to alter). In fact, I offered a few to my husband to wear (who doesn’t own a single comic book shirt)… and it really hit me- gone are the days where women had to wear boxy men’s comic book shirts; now we can get Spider-Man shirts in the ladies section. Hooray! So rejoice geeky ladies, because things just keep getting better. The industry has finally caught up with our tastes, providing threads and makeup for all our geeky needs. Here are a few of my favorites:


 Espionage Cosmetics 

They are your one-stop-shopping for geeky cosmetics. Glitter? Check! Nail wraps to satisfy any fandom? Check! Lip Gloss and eyeshadows? Check! Plus they have fun and geeky collections, such as “The Browncoats Collection,” making shopping easy (huge plus!). In addition to having lovely colors and patterns, their products are really high quality (if applied properly, their nail wraps last a really long time). Their nail art is particularly impressive though, since it has something for everyone! My personal favorites include Catz (they used images of their own cats!), Missing Pieces (for obvious reasons), and Literary. And if that wasn’t enough, the company was started by two kickass ladies. Love it!

Check out their site and follow them on Twitter for the latest on their products.

espionage cosmetics


Black Milk Clothing

Yes, I’ve featured Black Milk on the site…multiple times. But I’m constantly surprised when people comment on my geeky tights, asking where I found them. Too many people don’t know about this company, so I’ve made it a personal mission to spread the geeky love that is Black Milk. They have geeky threads for popular fandoms, ranging from subtle to obnoxiously obvious (both are good). The material stretches just right so they fit surprisingly well. Only complaint is that they need plus sizes.

Check out their site (but be prepared to spend a bit of cash, because quality items from Australia don’t come cheap).

blackmilk batman


Her Universe

This site is a great resource to find fashionable geeky attire. Her Universe  have a great selection of shirts, dresses, leggings, and offer a few jewelry options too. All the apparel is really cute, and I appreciate that the styles vary from abstract fandom (have to be in ‘the know’) to overtly fandom. The clothing is also really affordable, which is a huge bonus! Only downfall is that their apparel covers four fandoms: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and The Walking Dead. However, if any of those are in your list of fandoms, then you’re in luck, because they have a great selection in each category!

her universe clothing banner


Have your own favorite geeky fashion resource? Share in the comments below!