Geeky Baby: Society6, One Stop Onesie Shopping

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Well dear readers, you’re going to find a lot more baby and kid oriented geek posts on Have You Nerd from now on because I’m about to take that crazy journey called motherhood.

Needless to say, I’ve started looking at baby clothes and toys far more often than ever before. And while there is an abundant selection of stores to find anything and everything your baby could need (or most likely, doesn’t need), geeky baby and kid wear is still a specialized area. But Society6 amply makes up for any mainstream lack of geek wear (I should note I’m also picky about how my geekdom is represented). But best of all, when you buy from Society6, you’re supporting an independent artist’s creation! Cool geek gear for your kid (and yourself, you can get a matching shirt if desired), and money for the artist—it’s a win-win!

Here are a few of my favorite geeky inspired baby onesies on Society6 (all of them cost $20):

Star Wars Inspired

Disappointment by Muddybeats

Disappointment by Muddybeats


Star Wars- A New Hope IV by IIIIHiveIIII

Star Wars- A New Hope IV by IIIIHiveIIII


Star Trek Inspired

Kathryn Janeway by Heymonster

Kathryn Janeway by Heymonster


Because You Are My Friend by Nan Lawson

Because You Are My Friend by Nan Lawson


Harry Potter Inspired

harry potter expecto patronum by Simona Borstnar

Harry Potter expecto patronum by Simona Borstnar

The Sweater That Lived by Mandrie


Comic Book Inspired 

Superhero Caps, Letter Poster by Eddy Ymeri

Superhero Caps, Letter Poster by Eddy Ymeri


Thor Kid by Andy Fairhurst Art

Thor Kid by Andy Fairhurst Art


Gaming Inspired 

Starters by Melissa Smith

Starters by Melissa Smith


The Legend of Zelda - Link by TracingHorses

The Legend of Zelda – Link by TracingHorses


General Geekdom

Game of Toys by Victor Vercesi

Game of Toys by Victor Vercesi


Cookie monster Pacman by Dutyfreak

Cookie monster Pacman by Dutyfreak