Medieval Lord of The Rings Illustrations

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

There are times I’m really thankful for the Internet and Social Media. Yesterday was one of those times; io9 published an article featuring these fantastic Russian Orthodox illustrations depicting scenes from The Lord of the Rings.

Created by Ukranian artist Sergei Iukhimov, the images’ medieval style elicit the magical wonder that surrounds that period, which of course parallels to world of Middle Earth. (I’ve yet to meet a medieval nerd who doesn’t  like Tolkien.) Iukhimov not only captures the spirit of the stories, but layers Christian symbolism throughout the images, which is an element that cannot be severed from medieval art.

Sergei Iukhimov tolkien last supper

Sergei Iukhimov tolkien crowning


Sergei Iukhimov tolkien aragorn hobbits

Sergei Iukhimov galadriel the fellowship

Yet, Iukhimov images also evoke humor (when appropriate), like this image depicting Merry and Pippin drinking Treebeard’s Ent-draught.

Sergei Iukhimov Merry and Pippin drink  Ent-draught

Annnd, I’ve now added “Find and buy a copy of Iukhimov’s LotRs and Silmarillion”  to my bucket list. (A girl can dream, can’t she?!)

To see more of Sergei Iukhimov’s Tolkien work, check out this tumblr. I also found some of his work for sale here.