Star Trek in the Park

By: Meg Humphrey


I have become a Star Trek fan thanks to the 2009 reboot movie. I know that there are a lot of old school fans who scoff at this, but that’s just fine with me. Since my first taste, I’ve gone back and all of The Next Generation and parts of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Despite loving the new crew of the Enterprise, I had never taken the time to watch any of the Original Series. Then one day a bestie of mine told me about Outdoor Trek – an annual theater production of an original series episode.




And so, I saw my very first episode of TOS: “Mirror Mirror.” I knew the basic plot from Tumblr (and what sci-fi show hasn’t done the alternate-evil versions of themselves), but I had also heard in passing that it’s one of the best episodes of Star Trek. Sounds like a pretty decent way to start a voyage into the series that started it all.




Outdoor Trek’s performance was fantastic! Taking place outside in the mini amphitheater at Blanche Lavizzo Park, the set was minimal, but extremely clever. The costumes were only as elaborate a necessary. The cast was spot on – Kirk and Spock had commanding presences and really held the show together. Never having seen the real episodes, I’m sure there were more deviations than just genderbending some cast members, but it was all for the sake of plenty of laughs. Overall, an extremely fun and different way to experience Star Trek.




Those in the greater Seattle area (or anyone close enough who is willing to drive) have one more weekend to see “Mirror Mirror!” Check out Outdoor Trek’s Facebook event page  for more information!