Shoujo Manga Maniacs: Sugars

By: Meg Humphrey


I stumbled upon Sugars one night while I was half-heartedly reading through a couple other manga. Sugars, by Yamamori Mika, are compilations of one shots. Each chapter is a different story revolving around a different way to love. It’s also very interesting that although each story focuses on different characters, there are a ton of cameos and tie-ins between volumes. Sometimes they even give a glimpse of how someone’s relationship is going in the future and that feels really satisfying.




The manga is called “Sugars” because each chapter has a different sweet name like “Fruit Cake Syndrome” and “Marshmallow Therapy.” I think Yamamori is trying to show that there can always be some good found in love, even if the result isn’t what you wanted or expected.




Sugars is definitely a step up maturity wise from a good portion of the shoujo manga I read. Most of the characters are eighteen or nineteen rather than the usual fifteen or sixteen. They look at things like love and dating with more practicality and disillusion, but there’s still innocence and hope.


I would recommend Sugars to anyone who is looking for real life love stories. They’re not oversaturated with drama or romance. Their simplicity makes them feel very grounded and you will find yourself rooting for the young men and women in every chapter!