Always Dependable: Expendables 3

By: Meg Humphrey


Date night was once again a killer action movie! As a fan of ridiculous, over the top action movies, I knew Expendables 3 was going to deliver. I was right and after rewatching the first two, it is my favorite out of the trilogy. I think it’s because it’s more personal and character based than the previous two. I enjoy explosions quite a bit, but there’s more emotion (as much as their could be) behind their actions.




The youngins that Barney Ross (Stallone) have some cool moves, but only Thorne (Glen Powell) and Luna (Ronda Rousey) are memorable. Thorne is the daredevil tech whiz and Luna, the token woman cast member, is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Rousey, my newest girl crush, is an Olympic Judo bronze medalist and the current UFC Bantamweight champion. The new old timers were fantastic as well – it was a blast seeing Harrison Ford back in action and it shows that he’s fully capable of reprising his scoundrel attitude for the new Star Wars trilogy. Mel Gibson, unsurprisingly, plays the role of ultra violent, merciless jerk perfectly. I can’t imagine another person in that role. Wesley Snipes is also fantastic. He has the right amount of crazy and crazy good skills that make him a perfect addition to the team.




For me, Bruce Willis wasn’t missed. The additional new cast members and old favorites offer up more than enough butt kickings and bullets to satiate any action fan. The sole criticism I have about the movie (keeping in mind what kind of movie it is) was there wasn’t enough Terry Crews. However, the amount of Antonio Banderas more than made up for it! Banderas, who is as youthful and charming as ever, plays Galgo: the most friendly and talkative assassin you’ve ever seen.




As well as being more character focused, Expendables 3 i also has much more humor than the previous two. Those two story elements along with a top notch cast of action heroes makes for a very entertaining and wild ride.


PS. Arnold also says my most favorite line of his ever. So, totally worth it.