Geeky Garden Decor

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Regardless if you have a green-thumb or not*, these geeky gardening accessories are the perfect addition to your outdoor or indoor garden area.

pokemon planter

Succulent Monster by ShamefulSquid; $49


Watering Globes Chemistry Glassware:

Chemistry Watering Globes by CarolynChemistry; $20 


AT-AT star wars lawn ornament

Death Star Birdhouse
 I want all these things! But if you’re not keen on spending money, you can always try to make some of these items yourself. Check out guest blogger Katie’s DIY post on dinosaur planters or this tutorial on how to make your own terrarium.
Any gardeners out there? What do you enjoy planting?
*If you’re terrible at gardening, hint- succulents are your friends!