Sesame Street: Still Rocking It


Last week I posted/shared three different Sesame Street skits. Oh, and my intended audience for these shares? Adults. They were too adorable-how could I not?! Although 45 years old, Sesame Street is still proving to be a trusted source for parents to entertain and teach our youth, while also entertaining a demographic much older than their intended audience. That’s the beauty of Sesame Street. They know how to take what’s relevant in pop culture, and turn it into something that is age appropriate and meaningful that is appealing to a children and adults. Even Jimmy Fallon loves Sesame Street, recently having the crew on his show to read tweets (they are super adorable, of course).

And if you think you’ve “outgrown” Sesame Street, take a look at these skits and think again:

(Can Janelle Monáe make more guests appearances, please?)

(Cookie Monster is my spirit creature.)

Like other Sesame Street alumni, there are skits that have been with me since childhood, still popping in to my brain now and again (Cereal Girl anyone?!). And as a soon-to-be-parent, I can’t wait to share Sesame Street’s silly songs and life lessons with my son.

And of course, you have to love that it’s available to anyone with access to a television. No cable needed. But remember, Sesame Street is part of the PBS family, a non-profit broadcaster that relies on its viewers. So please consider making a donation to PBS to ensure that they can continue to create great programs and enrich children’s lives. It’s the least we can do to thank them for all the wonderful memories and smiles.

sesame_street characters