Featured Kickstarter: SpeakEasy – A Bold Pub Game


Though locals might not like to admit it, Seattle’s infamous reputation for being a socially cold city is very real. Sure people are nice here, but talk to any transplant and they’ll tell you that the “Seattle Freeze” exists. It’s just hard to meet people in this passive-aggressive city. Local game designers, Jerome and Eddie, are aiming to change that with their new pub game, SpeakEasy, which they just launched a Kickstarter for.

speakeasy board game pub coasters

It’s a game where players complete missions given to each other by their opponents. Some of the missions make you step-out of your comfort zone to meet new people—whatever that entails depends on the mission you’re given by your fellow players. The game itself is easy to play:

  1. Draw a coaster (which have missions printed on them)
  2. Assign the mission to another player
  3. Player has 3 minutes to complete the mission
  4. If they’re successful, they get the coaster; if they fail, you get the coaster
  5. First player to collect 5 coasters wins

Simple, right?! Well, it get’s a bit more complicated when you read the missions; you’ll need to find your inner courage (or alcohol) to complete some of the tasks at hand. But that’s where the fun comes from! The anxiety, excitement, and utter silliness of completing missions makes SpeakEasy the perfect pub game for friends that want more than the usual humdrum bar scene.

Here are just a few sample missions:

speakeasy coaster game

Comic Relief

“Target player must make a stranger laugh!”

Getting Fresh
“Choose two players. The first one to return with a piece of gum wins this coaster.”

Tongue and Cheeky

“Target player must get a stranger to stick their tongue out.”

SpeakEasy is a great way to stirrup your average night out and meet new people. Not to mention that Seattle needs this game. With so many implants moving here, SpeakEasy is a great way for people to get out and meet new people. Which is why you should back this game, dear reader. Kickstart this game for only 20 bucks and you’ll get your own copy! (They also have some other cool tiers, so make sure to read through them.)