Paul Rudd is the (Ant) Man!

By: Meg Humphrey

I loved Ant-Man all the way down to its teeny tiny pieces. I’ve been seeing things like “Ant-Man is Phase 2’s Hulk” and yes, it did pull in smaller box office numbers than more recent Marvel movies, and yes, the villain is basically an evil version of Ant-Man, but honestly I think the MCU needed this movie. Here’s why it is great.


DAD FEELINGS. Kind dads in general are my soft spot. Kind, single dads who are devoted to their daughters are my kryptonite (sorry for the DC reference). Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is already charmingly dopey, but when you turn him into a justice seeking do-gooder who paid for his morality with a felony conviction, that’s hook-line-and-sinker. Throw in the fact that he just wants to be a good father to his super cute daughter, Cassie, and Ant-Man shoots its way up to my Top 5 MCU movie list.

Marvel fans know that we’re in for some troubled times. Although not anywhere near the “dark and gritty” stereotype of the DCU, the MCU has been increasingly serious and heavy. With Civil War coming out next May, we need something to smile about. Ant-Man is the palette cleanser we needed and was even more fun than Guardians of the Galaxy (it wasn’t tainted with zoomed in shots of the main woman’s behind or casual uses of the word “whore”) The pacing was great and the humor was light yet ridiculous and constant, just as you would expect out of Paul Rudd. It mixed in great heist movie tropes and I’m glad to see Marvel directors take a chance by doing something new. I’m sure it will also have great re-watchability which factors in quite a bit with my enjoyment.


This is the most grounded MCU movie. All of the people in the movie use science, skill, technology, and training in order to do what they do and you see their failures. No one in this movie is too powerful. Everyone’s motivations are understandable.

Ant-Man has some wonderful characters. Michael Douglas gives a great depth to Hank Pym, who has a not so great past in the comics. Scott Lang’s group of misfit ex-cons (Luis, Dave, and Kurt) are charming and keep the light-heartedness of the story going. Hope Pym (Evangeline Lilly) holds her own throughout the movie and shows a lot of promise as becoming Wasp down the road (hopefully sooner rather than later). Plus, the cameos are AMAZING.

Marvel's Ant-Man L to R: Luis (Michael Peña), Kurt (David Dastmalchian), and Dave (T.I.)  Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal © Marvel 2015

Marvel’s Ant-Man
L to R: Luis (Michael Peña), Kurt (David Dastmalchian), and Dave (T.I.)
Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal
© Marvel 2015

I really think everyone should give Ant-Man a chance. It’s on level of the first Iron Man movie. People need to put their grudges and judgements away until after you see the movie. I bet Ant-Man will change some minds!