August 14


5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Phrases

By: Meg Humphrey

The Star Wars online fandom is full of fan made things, phrases included. Here are my favorite ones.


“Fangirl Flail!” Made popular by the wonderful ladies over at Fangirls Going Rogue, “Fangirl Flail” is something that I do a lot. And although it’s gender specific, it hasn’t stopped men from Fangirl Flailing when they’re excited about something! Behold the power of fangirls!


“Drop a moon on me, I’m done” This is incredibly specific to the podcast I’m on, Far Far Away Radio. One of the hosts would wrap up the show by saying this, referencing Chewbacca’s controversial death in New Jedi Order: Vector Prime. It’s now my favorite thing to say when I’m fed up with some ridiculousness and I have to take a step back.


“Flaunt your world” Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe uses this phrase to encourage fans (especially women) to show off their nerdy fashion styles and lives. It’s a nice reminder that you don’t have to just exist, you can show off and be proud of who you are!


“Space Married” Space Married is a phrase that came to my attention when Star Wars: Rebels happened. Those folks, myself included, who ship Kanan and Hera like to refer to them as being space married. Not married in any kind of traditional Earth government kind of way, but together in the way that we imagine married couples: gently bickering, watching over for each other, communicating without talking, etc.


“MTFBWY” Acronyms and abbreviations are especially important when you’re trying to respond to someone in 140 characters. The popular shortened version of “May the Force be with you” is a staple in the community. It’s the Star Wars version of saying thanks or wishing someone well. No matter how many times I see it, I never think it outdated or overused.

What are some of your favorite fandom phrases?