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September 04

PAX Round Up

PAX Round Up By: Terra Clarke Olsen PAX took over Seattle this past weekend for four full days of video game fandom. There were more games than my brain can compute, so sadly I’m sure I missed many things, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I saw. Neverending Nightmares This […]

August 30

Permanent Fandom: Gaming Ink

Permanent Fandom: Gaming Ink By: Terra Olsen PAX frenzy has hit the city, and with all that fandom comes fandom tattoos. Meg previously wrote a great piece on tattoos, “A Permanent Display of Fandom Affection”, but I wanted to highlight some great gaming tattoos in honor of this weekends shenanigans. Here are just a few […]

August 28

Interview with a PAX Ten-Timer

Interview with a PAX Ten-Timer, Tristan Stanley Interview by: Terra Clarke Olsen  I interviewed my co-worker, Tristan Stanley, for a Seattle Weekly PAX article (out today, so be sure to get your copy). I found the interview so touching that I wanted to post it here. How long have you been a gamer? TS: All my life. […]

June 21

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?  By: Brit McGinnis Recently, Microsoft announced that they were recanting all of their former DRM (data rights management) policies, reversing their position on important issues like sharing games and video game consoles always being online. Here’s Giant Bomb’s very-well-summarized list of the true current state of the XBOX […]

June 17

BANG! An Amazing Card Game

BANG! An Amazing Card Game By: Virginia Eader I recently visited some old friends in Berkley, California. Not just any old friends but two of my most beloved nerdy guy friends (one of whom I’ve known since the age of 4 and the other since middle school. The 3 of us made up a large […]

June 14

Why Game?

Why Game? By: LB Chambers For those of you who haven’t ever read anything of mine (which is probably all of you, other than my brother and mom) I usually write about games, and gaming, and why it’s an often-overlooked area of interest. In fact, gaming is so stigmatized it’s generally considered a waste of […]

May 10

Is the Gaming Community Getting Better?

Is the Gaming Community Getting Better? By: LB Chambers Here is the first of a new article series I will be experimenting with. One where I really, really want to hear from our readers! From you! So please before you read any further know that you are highly encouraged to Tweet, Facebook, or respond here […]

May 08

The Bill of Rights for Beginning Gamers

The Bill of Rights for Beginning Gamers By: Brit McGinnis Starting out as a gamer is hard. I love the culture and there’s a lot of stuff coming out that I’m interested in trying, but like starting anything new for the first time, being around others that know more than you can be very intimidating. […]

April 12

Interview with Jenny, Founder of “Not in the Kitchen Anymore”

Interview with Jenny, Founder of “Not in the Kitchen Anymore” Interview by Terra Olsen Today’s interview is a little different. Normally we  feature a nerdy lady and discuss their nerdy passion. However, for today we are featuring an awesome nerdy lady and a project she started called “Not in the Kitchen Anymore.” I really wanted to feature […]

April 11

Bioshock Infinite: Review and Thoughts

Bioshock Infinite: Review and Thoughts By: LB Chambers As a big fan of Irrational Games’ Bioshock trilogy (that’s right- I even enjoyed the shamefully reviewed Bioshock 2) I’m sure you can imagine the sort of excitable frenzy Bioshock Infinite’s seemingly endless advertisements, countdowns and trailers were whipping me into over the last couple of years.  […]

April 02

Tomb Raider Review

Tomb Raider Review: Why the New Lara Croft is What the Franchise Needed By: LB Chambers Of all the video game characters, and most especially the iconic ones, you’d be hard pressed to think of one more divisive than Lara Croft. For while Lara Croft herself is an acrobatic, athletic genius with a perfect pedigree […]

March 05

Lara Croft: Her Journey and Mine

By: Terra Clarke Olsen My affinity for Tomb Raider goes all the way back to 1996, when the first game was released. I was eleven. My dad bought Tomb Raider for our Playstation, and I was immediately hooked. Mind you, I wasn’t very good. I spent more days battling wolves than I would like to […]