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June 09

Convention Volunteering is Service

By: Meg Humphrey   Fair warning: I’m getting up on my soapbox of righteousness.   I’ve staffed in the programming department of my local anime con for the last nine years – as soon as I turned 18 and was allowed to (and I’ve attended for 6 years before then). For the past three years […]

June 03

Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2013

Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2013 By: Meg Humphrey This was my first time visiting Arizona. I was tagging along with some buddies who were exhibitors at PCCC because I needed to get out of my beloved state and away from all of the stuff I have to do. This was an honest to goodness vacation where I had […]

October 15

Click Click CLICK! The Crowd Goes Wild!

 “Click, Click, CLICK! The Crowd Goes Wild” : eSports as a Casual Gamer By: Meg Humphrey   With Riot’s League of Legends World Finals finally at an end, I think it’s a good time to get up on my soap box about my little corner of eSports participation. At PAX Prime ’12 I was able […]