Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2013

Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2013

By: Meg Humphrey

This was my first time visiting Arizona. I was tagging along with some buddies who were exhibitors at PCCC because I needed to get out of my beloved state and away from all of the stuff I have to do. This was an honest to goodness vacation where I had no obligations except catching my flight home. I spent my mornings (for I am an early bird) virtually alone at our hotel’s outdoor pool sunning myself like a turtle. I ate three real meals a day (and then some). I laid in bed watching an SVU marathon on USA. I went to the movie theater across from our hotel (only $7.25 for movies!) and watched every movie playing with The Rock in it. Oh, I guess there was a convention going on too.


PCCC is a very big convention with a very big convention center to match. With over two dozen dedicated panel rooms, an offsite gaming area in a nearby hotel, dances every night, main stages, and a sprawling dealer’s hall, there was something for everyone to enjoy. My highlights were Amanda Tapping, Timothy Zahn, and the creator of Sharktopus (I watched it three times the weekend it premiered).

But enough of my rambling, here’s what you actually wanted to see: my favorite cosplayers from the weekend!

PCCC 2A fantastic John Crichton from Farscape! He seemed happy that I recognized him.

PCCC 3Nathan Wallace (I assume) from REPO! A Genetic OperaThis is the first Repo Man I’ve seen cosplay of!

PCCC 4Sailor Dr. Mrs. Monarch from Venture Bros. Sailor Moon crossovers are the. best.

PCCC 5Perfect Father-Daughter cosplay: Nightcrawler and Nocturne from X-Men.

PCCC 6The cutest genderbent DC cosplay ever: The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy from BatmanThe boys were so adorable – the previous day they had matching White Ranger and Green Ranger t-shirts on.

Thanks for the relaxing weekend, Phoenix! Maybe I’ll see you next year!