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August 14

Black Milk: Take My Money!

Black Milk: Take My Money! By: Terra Clarke Olsen People can get pretty protective over the things they nerd out on, acting as if they should be the only person allowed to represent “__insert-nerd-passion-here__”.  Well this is just silly, since in reality you should want mooore people to nerd out with you. More people nerding out, […]

May 22

Nerdy Tees

Nerdy Tees: A Short Guide by a Geek-Shirt Aficionado By: Patrick Aghajanian In the pantheon of geek apparel, screened tees would definitely have to be right there on top next to patches, hats and cosplay. In the past few years, tees have become kind of an obsession of mine, as have jackets and prints….but those are for […]

April 19

Interview with Marina, Founder of Girly Geeky Clothing

Interview with Marina, Founder of Girly Geeky Clothing Interview by Terra Olsen Tell me about yourself. My name is Marina Eichenberg. I am the Girly Geek. Currently I live in Issaquah and work as a Toddler teacher. I spend my days making messes (but mostly cleaning them up) and love it! It’s so much fun […]

January 10

Harry Potter Inspired Fashion: Ravenclaw

Harry Potter Inspired Fashion: Ravenclaw By: Terra Olsen Ravenclaw Fashion Mascot: Eagle Color: Blue and Bronze (Blue and Grey in movie) Moto: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” (Click on images for larger view.) Slanted Flap Pocket Blazer: $34.80 Cycle Casual Pants: $47 Theory ‘Sanai’ Dress Shirt: $135 Odell Ballet Flats: $14.99 Ravenclaw Crest […]