Harry Potter Inspired Fashion: Ravenclaw

Harry Potter Inspired Fashion: Ravenclaw

By: Terra Olsen

Ravenclaw Fashion

Mascot: Eagle
Color: Blue and Bronze (Blue and Grey in movie)
Moto: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

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Ravenclaw Day Look Fashion

Slanted Flap Pocket Blazer: $34.80
Cycle Casual Pants: $47
Theory ‘Sanai’ Dress Shirt: $135
Odell Ballet Flats: $14.99
Ravenclaw Crest Pendant: $19
Copper Age Mini-Satchel: $198

Ravenclaw night look fashion

Moonlight Marvel Dress: $177.99
Eagle Ring Band: $15.99
Bronze Pearl Earrings: $22
Nina ‘Faith’ Peep Toe Pump: $88.95
Lytton Metallic Leather Clutch: $325