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June 01

MIT’s Origami Robot: Cutest Breakthrough Ever

By: TCO Well, they did it. MIT created the cutest robot ever. But this robot is not just adorable, but functional beyond imagination. It’s development is a breakthrough that will change the science world as we know it. This little robot can fold, move, swim, push, dig, and then dissolve! The robots are made out of sheets of plastic […]

February 20

Geeky Items for Parenthood

By: TCO Hello from baby-land! Since baby Olsen entered the world in December, I’ve been absent from the blog world…and the Internet world…and let’s be honest, the social world as well. This whole parenting thing has been a wild journey with lots of ups and downs. But luckily for current and soon-to-be parents, nerds have made the […]

December 20

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts for Geeks

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts for Geeks By: Terra Clarke Olsen What’s that? You haven’t finished holiday shopping? …you mean you haven’t started?! Don’t panic. First step, grab a towel. Second step, thank the internet gods that Amazon Prime exists. Here are some of our favorite geeky gifts available via Amazon Prime. 1.) Star Trek […]

August 21

“It Runs on Some Sort of Electricity?”

“It Runs on Some Sort of Electricity?” Not all Nerds are Science Savvy By: Meg Humphrey Although nowadays the classification of “nerd” and “geek” has expanded far beyond of the math and science centered stereotypes of the past, I think it’s fair to say that if you self-label as such, people continue to assume that […]

August 07

Becoming Other

Becoming Other By: Esther Susan Williams Quilting together different day jobs that are similarly themed, interesting, and will (hopefully) get me professionally somewhere is how I stumbled upon the world of startups and women in tech. What a whirlwind of inspiration, creativity, and super-stardom! I come from the land of Academia, and plunked myself into the […]

May 20

My Mom, the Nerd Icon

My Mom, the Nerd Icon By: Andrea Cole My mom’s birthday is in May and so is Mother’s Day, which means I get to spend (even more!) time thinking about my mom. And you know what? She’s been one of the great influences in my nerdy career. Both my parents are, but I want to […]

May 13

The 2013 GeekWire Awards: A Peek into the Land o’ Seattle Startups

The 2013 GeekWire Awards: A Peek into the Land o’ Seattle Startups  By: Meg Humphrey The GeekWire Awards celebrate startups and the people brave enough to take the risk to make them happen. In my mind, I am not especially qualified to be the one sent to the 2013 GeekWire Awards for Have You Nerd. […]

February 22

Nerd Guy of the Month

Meet Matt, a STEM Coaching Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen You’re a self-proclaimed STEM coach nerd. Can you explain to our readers, what is a STEM coach? Right now I’m teaching an after-school “Engineering & Design” class for 24 elementary students. But I say “coach” rather than “teacher” for a few  reasons. First, I’m just […]

December 21

Nerd of the Week

Meet Heather, a Bat Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen What are you nerdy for? It might actually be easier to tell you what I am not nerdy about!  I am a huge nerd, for so many different things.   Here is a short list: math, birds, Lord of the Rings, physics, crocheting, baking, wildflowers, chemistry, […]