Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts for Geeks

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts for Geeks

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

What’s that? You haven’t finished holiday shopping? …you mean you haven’t started?! Don’t panic. First step, grab a towel. Second step, thank the internet gods that Amazon Prime exists. Here are some of our favorite geeky gifts available via Amazon Prime.

1.) Star Trek Mug 


$14.32; Amazon 

2.) Wookie Photobomb Shirt 

star wars wookie photobomb shirt$23.95; Amazon 

3.) Harry Potter Blanket with Sleeves (aka. Slanket) 

harry potter slanket blanket with sleeves

$49.99; Amazon 

4.) Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray 

doctor who ice cube tray

$12.99; Amazon 

5.) Caffeine Molecule Stainless Travel Mug

caffeine molecule mug

$18.07; Amazon 

6.) Brain Lunch Bag

brain lunchbag

$16; Amazon 

7.) Physics, Math, Chemistry, and History Mugs

Physics math chemistry history mug

$40.00; Amazon 

8.) Gandalf the Grey LEGO Keychain 

gandalf keychain LEGO

$11.90; Amazon 

9.) Cooking for Geeks

cooking for geeks

$23.63; Amazon 

10.) Retro Video Game Pillows

retro video game pillows

$59.95; Amazon 

Have your own recommendations for gifts available on Amazon Prime?  Share below!

Note: Fancy the molecule wrapping paper in our header? You can buy it here!