Meet Our Resident Thrifter

Resident Thrifter

By: Virginia Eader

Hey, I’m Virginia (friends call me Vee, VG, Virginny, and in middleschool the boys realized how close my name was to the newly learned female body part, they straight up called me vagina.) I was named after my grandmother and I really do love my name.

When Terra asked me to consider joining the blog team, I thought of the many different personas I could take on as a blogger. Which online alter ego would I choose?  Super sexy “weird girl” with thick-framed glasses (Come on Zooey!). Semi psychotic Treki. (Half of that statement is true.) Or young professional who competes in Magic the Gathering tournaments every weekend? (That would be great if I actually knew how to play.) Well, after a few minutes of daydream I realized that I should just be me. And so it came to pass that I would now have an excuse to go thrifting every week. Perfect.

So for my first official blog entry I would like to introduce you to my second hand, gently used, slightly worn, somewhat smelly, needs fixing but totally works, one of kind, freakin sweet love for thrifting by showing you this AMAZING music video by Seattle’s own Macklemore. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And if you can, please picture me in there somewhere dancing around in a grandma sweater. Thanks.