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November 06

Badger and Skinny Pete Talk Star Trek, Yo

Badger and Skinny Pete Talk Star Trek, Yo  By: Virginia Eader I’m having Breaking Bad withdrawals. Seriously. What a thrill-ride of a story. If any of you out there are feeling the same way and would like to talk about it over tea sometime, that would be lovely. (Chamomile with Stevia, anyone?) For now, I […]

October 14

Why I’m Attending GeekGirlCon

Why I’m Attending GeekGirlCon By: Virginia Eader I’m super excited to attend GeekGirlCon for the first time this weekend. It took me some time to get to this point and I thought I’d share why that is. I could have attended the last 2 years but something inside me held me back. I honestly felt […]

September 18

Blogs that I Love

5 Blogs that I Love (That you just might too) By: Virginia Eader 1.) The View from the Bus Since moving to Seattle almost 5 years ago, I’ve experienced my share of public bus drivers- some old, some grumpy, some overly friendly, and others who had confused their job with that of  an overly enthusiastic […]

July 22

Thrifting with Vee: Take 3

Thrifting with Vee: Take 3 By: Virginia Eader Matte Black Nicole Miller Dress- $9.99 Ballard Goodwill, Seattle, WA Green Gloves- $2.99 Ballard Goodwill, Seattle, WA Gaudy Gold Necklace- $0.75 University Temple Thrift Store U-District Seattle, WA “Slo-mo” the stuffed dog- $40 Pepper, West Seattle, WA * Blonde Wig- Goodwill Renton, WA virginia@haveyounerd.com

July 15

Freaks and Geeks: 15 years later

Freaks and Geeks: 15 years later By: Virginia Eader When the show first aired, I was in 7th grade. I went to a small school in Kalama, Washington- where the elementary, middle and high school were all on the same campus. It was 1998, the year our high school football team won the state championship […]

July 01

Review of Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

Review of Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic By: Virginia Eader I couldn’t put it down. I had to ration the pages just so it would last me more than a few days of my vacation. I never read while riding in the car because I get sick, but for this book, I was willing to […]

June 12

Have You Nerd Nominated for Geekie Award

Have You Nerd Nominated for Geekie Award After months of anticipation, The Geekie Awards finally announced the nominees for their first annual awards show! Wait, what are The Geekie Awards? Excellent question! The Geekie Awards is a new award show that “celebrates indie creations” in a wide span of categories, such as film, podcasts, comics, […]

June 07

Thrifting with Vee: Take 2

Thrifting with Vee: Take 2 By: Virginia Eader Ultra Hipster Shades- $8 Fremont Sunday Flea Market, Seattle, WA Orange and White Polka Dot Pleated Skirt- $4.99 Value Village, Vancouver, WA Black and White Striped Blazer- $5.99 Ballard Goodwill, Seattle, WA Ukelele- $0.59 SODO Goodwill Outlet (aka The Bins) Seattle, WA Blonde Wig- Goodwill Renton, WA […]

May 31

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff: Virginia Eader Interview by Terra Olsen What are your favorite things to nerd out on?  Organizing things and making lists (I’m a type ‘A’ personality so it comes with the territory). John Hughes Films. Star Trek. FASHION. Thrifting. Analyzing old (and new) television shows for sexism, racism, heterosexism, American egocentrism, etc. Arts […]

May 03

Thrifting with Vee: Take 1

Thrifting with Vee: Take 1 By: Virginia Eader Rainbow Knit Shirt- $3.00 West Seattle Senior Center Thrift Store Seattle, WA Vintage Orange Handbag- $5.99 The Red Hat Longview, WA Turquoise Leggings- Ballard Goodwill Seattle, WA Blonde Wig- Goodwill Renton, WA virginia@haveyounerd.com  Photo Credit: Nate Watters 

March 21

Adventures in Thrifting: Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

Adventures in Thrifting: Georgetown Trailer Park Mall By: Virginia Eader I recently moved to the South end of Seattle and have been thrilled to explore the offerings surrounding my new neighborhood. New food spots. Mega score on the taco truck a few blocks away, Bar Del Corso, Tippe and Dragg and a handful of other […]

February 26

Thrifting with Virginia

Thrifting with Virginia: Business Formal with Flare By: Virginia Eader virginia@haveyounerd.com   Photo Credit: Nate Watters