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January 29

Thrifting with Virginia

Thrifting with Virginia: Sweater Weather  By: Virginia Eader virginia@haveyounerd.com   Photo Credit: Nate Watters

January 14

Thrifting with Virginia

Thrifting with Virginia: Something Blue  By: Virginia Eader   virginia@haveyounerd.com   Photo Credit: Nate Watters

January 08

Women of Star Trek Part III

Women of Star Trek Part III By: Virginia Eader Today I bring you a very special treat. A 1993 interview with Gates McFadden, the beautiful red-head who played the amazing Doctor Beverly Crusher in The Next Generation (TNG). This interview highlights some of the many ways TNG pushed the envelope on social issues in the […]

December 31

The Twilight Zone: An Interview with My Mom

The Twilight Zone: An Interview with My Mom Interview by Virginia Eader What about the twilight zone brings out the nerd in you? I don’t think I have any nerd in me. I don’t even know what that means. When do you first remember watching TZ? I watched it with my big brothers and I […]

December 24

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays   *Look for future posts that include recipes from the HYN Holiday Party!

December 10

Thrifting with Virginia

Thrifting with Virginia: Something Pink   By: Virginia Eader virginia@haveyounerd.com

December 04

Review of Ultimate Encounter

Review of Ultimate Encounter By: Virginia Eader THE ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER – The True Story of a UFO Kidnapping by Bill Barry Last summer my partner and I loaded up the car and headed east to Bridger, Montana for our annual trip to visit his mom and stepdad. It’s always such a relief to be in […]

November 27

Thrifting with Virginia

Thrifting with Virginia: Thrifting in Montana By: Virginia Eader Photo by Nate Watters. virginia@haveyounerd.com

November 08

Women of Star Trek Part II

Women of Star Trek Part II By: Virginia Eader I started this blog series about a month ago. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you click here to read it now. I now turn your attention to Deanna Troi. I love Deanna Troi. Or shall I say, Counselor Deanna Troi. Maybe it’s the […]

October 25

La Veille Jupe Françaises

La Veille Jupe Françaises By: Virginia Eader People always ask me “Virginia, what is the best thrift shop you’ve ever been to?” (Actually only one person asked me this, and it was myself 5 minutes ago). The answer to this question didn’t take much thought. I’ve been to a lot of thrift stores in my […]

October 16

Women of Star Trek Part I

Women of Star Trek Part I By: Virginia Eader Hello all you Have You Nerd followers. I recently had a birthday (Libra’s rule!) and for my birthday my dad gave me a very special gift. As I carefully unwrapped the first of many similar sized gifts, which were all piled in bag full of tissue […]

October 03

Meet Our Resident Thrifter

Resident Thrifter By: Virginia Eader Hey, I’m Virginia (friends call me Vee, VG, Virginny, and in middleschool the boys realized how close my name was to the newly learned female body part, they straight up called me vagina.) I was named after my grandmother and I really do love my name. When Terra asked me […]