Adventures in Thrifting: Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

Adventures in Thrifting:

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

By: Virginia Eader

I recently moved to the South end of Seattle and have been thrilled to explore the offerings surrounding my new neighborhood.

New food spots. Mega score on the taco truck a few blocks away, Bar Del Corso, Tippe and Dragg and a handful of other spots I’m dying to try.


New parks. Jefferson Park is beautiful. Lots of open green space, a cool view of downtown and snow-capped mountains. There are plenty of dog walkers, cute kids, skate boarders and did I mention RAZOR scooters?? (I was inspired to purchase my very own razor after my first walk in Jefferson Park. I might be 28 but, I’m cool enough to hang, right?) I’m also excited to hit up the golf course there- primarily as an excuse to wear this great “golf outfit” I pieced together from a few thrift shop outings.

Which brings me to perhaps the most exciting offering of my new homestead- NEW THRIFT STORES!

This month’s featured second-hand adventure highlights a little gem that I had only recently even heard about: the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall.


For all you cool hipster Portlanders out there (who probably aren’t reading this blog post because your way too busy being cooler than me), the Georgetown Trailer Park mall is not much new for you. It is basically a tiny little piece of Portland that Scotty beamed over as a gift to Seattleites. But for all you Seattleites, or any non-PDXers, I think you will find the Trailer Park Mall to be something quite unique.

There are about 6 cute-as-a-button trailers full of vintage clothing at pretty decent prices. I scored a great pair of brown Italian-leather ankle boots for just $10. My friend Jessica found the loveliest jacket (below) for $25. There’s also one trailer full of rad vintage dining and kitchenware. I was so tempted to purchase a 1950’s set of plates of bowls that almost perfectly matched the striping on the dress I’m wearing below. I also want to highlight the trailer that had the amazing dresses (below) that are all hand made out of vintage bed sheets. The patterns are fabulous and she ensured us that the sheets were not previously owned by R. Kelly.

So the next sunny weekend (whenever the heck that might be), go check out the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. Odds are, you’ll probably see me there.


Where: 5805 Airport Way, Seattle Wa 98108


Saturday 11-5

Sunday 11-2


Special thanks to my ladies Nicole Aranda and Jessica Koppy for spending the day with me. Stay tuned for my next post featuring a thrift shop tutorial of “THE BINS. “