Badger and Skinny Pete Talk Star Trek, Yo

Badger and Skinny Pete Talk Star Trek, Yo

 By: Virginia Eader

I’m having Breaking Bad withdrawals. Seriously. What a thrill-ride of a story. If any of you out there are feeling the same way and would like to talk about it over tea sometime, that would be lovely. (Chamomile with Stevia, anyone?) For now, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge one of my favorite “Bad” moments.

There was something extra special and perfectly crafted within Season 5 Episode 9 that deserves utmost recognition. For those of you who have seen the show- the scene is unforgettable- and I guarantee you’ll want to watch it a few more times. For those of you who are jumping on the bandwagon now, this particular scene contains no spoilers to the plot- so WATCH IT NOW.

Here is the  original scene (watch this first, obviously).

And here’s an animated version of Badger’s vision. (AMAZING!!! Learn more here.)

Enjoy. But tread lightly.