Blogs that I Love

5 Blogs that I Love (That you just might too)

By: Virginia Eader

1.) The View from the Bus

Since moving to Seattle almost 5 years ago, I’ve experienced my share of public bus drivers- some old, some grumpy, some overly friendly, and others who had confused their job with that of  an overly enthusiastic tour guide (“And to the right folks you’ll see Seattle’s fiiiinest hotel.”). About 2 years ago I rode the #4 bus from Seattle’s Central District to Queen Anne three days a week.  During this span of commuting, I got to know not only one of Seattle Metro’s youngest bus drivers but also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  He sees his job as an opportunity to make sincere and personal connections with the people who ride his bus everyday. The View From The Bus is Nathan’s personal stories of those unique interactions he has with his riders.

2. Dig This Chic 

My partner’s cousin’s wife (cousin in-law?) is an inspiring mother, writer, gardener, and creator of artful food and crafts in Missoula Montana. Check out her recipes, shop, and life goings on at Dig This Chic.

3.) Scanwiches

Scanwiches. It’s exactly what you think it is and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

4.) Mrs.O

If you are anything like me, you’ve been collecting Jackie O fashion clippings since you were 16. When Michelle Obama first graced us with her fashionable presence almost 7 years ago, I knew that she, like Jackie, would become another icon. A style icon, yes, but also an icon as a woman, an African American, a mother, and a president’s wife with a sincere passion for the things that matter to her most. Mrs. O is dedicated to following the fashion and style of the First Lady Michelle Obama.

5.) Thug Kitchen

There are some really serious recipes on Thug Kitchen. Not to mention the irony of wholesome nutrition mixed with gang vulgarity. Mutha’ F’in Delicious!