Halloween Costumes from Readers and Staff

Halloween Costumes from Readers and Staff

We’re not done celebrating Halloween. Check out some these amazing costumes from readers and a few staff. Please take a look and be inspired for future Cosplay needs….*

HYN’s Katie Neely as the Mad Hatter

“I made or modified all pieces to create this costume, with the exception of the hat, which was purchased on eBay do to time constraints. I pinstriped, cropped and dyed my own pants (which you can’t see in the picture), painted a vest and scarf, attached lace to the sleeves of the button up shirt, made a thread belt, stained suede jacket and attached ribbon and cloth pieces from the pockets, cut gloves to be fingerless, added some gauze to my thumb and a thimble and finished it off with Mad Hatter make-up and a black tooth gap.”

HYN’s Terra Olsen as Lara Croft and Virginia Eader as Margot Tenenbaum

Lara Croft (2013 game) and Margot Tenenbaum

Aisha Mathews as Storm

David Milano as Ash from Evil Dead II

“Here’s my Ash (Evil Dead II) costume. Yes, that IS a chainsaw on the end of my arm (no, I did not cut my hand off – even if that would have been more authentic). It is a Homelite XL, the same model they used in the movie. I also made the harness and “boomstick” holster to match what is seen in the film. “

Caitlin Smith as a Wench and Flasher


Caitlin as a Wench and Flasher accompanied by Mick Jagger

Gregory Blake as Harry Dresden

This year’s costume is Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files novels.
“It’s not perfect, but hey, what am I, a Wizard?”

Andrea Cole as Hipster Ariel

Jonathon Allen as Mr. Roarke

Mr. Roarke and Tattoo from Fantasy Island

Dafna Pleban as Captain America

Chica as Zombeeee

Chica as a Zombie Bumble-Bee

Staff from Wizards of the Coast (provided by Andrea)

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If you have a costume you want to share, please send a picture to terra@haveyounerd.com.