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October 25

Geeky Halloween Costumes for Kids

Geeky Halloween Costumes for Kids By: Terra Clarke Olsen Halloween is right around the corner, and personally I can’t wait to see all the trick-or-treaters running around my neighborhood. I don’t have kids of my own, but I couldn’t help but share these adorable favorite geeky Halloween costumes. Many of these can be created easily […]

October 18

Interview with Chaka Cumberbatch, Cosplayer Extraordinaire

Interview with Chaka Cumberbatch, Cosplayer Extraordinaire Interview by Sabrina Taylor OK everyone, let’s be frank.  I’ve been told enough times in my life that I’m “unique” that I suspect there’s some truth to that statement.   I’m a black girl from Iowa who loves anime, LOTS of anime, and read comics when she should be studying. […]

November 05

More Costumes? Yes Please

More Costumes? Yes Please We had too many great costumes to share in one post, so here are some more great costumes sent in by readers. Enjoy! Tom Farney as Butch Coolidge from Pulp Fiction   Jiao Zhang as a Mail Order Bride   Brianna Noll as Joan from Mad Men   Dylan Green as […]

November 01

Halloween Costumes from Readers and Staff

Halloween Costumes from Readers and Staff We’re not done celebrating Halloween. Check out some these amazing costumes from readers and a few staff. Please take a look and be inspired for future Cosplay needs….* HYN’s Katie Neely as the Mad Hatter HYN’s Terra Olsen as Lara Croft and Virginia Eader as Margot Tenenbaum Aisha Mathews […]

October 23

Watermelons are NOT Sexy

 Watermelons are NOT Sexy: Must all Female Costumes be Sexy? By: Terra Olsen   As a follow up to my post proclaiming my love for Halloween, sadly there is something that really irks me and dampens my spooky spirit–the ridiculous amount of ‘sexy’ costumes. First, let me state that I am all for ‘sexy’ costumes. […]