Watermelons are NOT Sexy

 Watermelons are NOT Sexy:

Must all Female Costumes be Sexy?

By: Terra Olsen


As a follow up to my post proclaiming my love for Halloween, sadly there is something that really irks me and dampens my spooky spirit–the ridiculous amount of ‘sexy’ costumes. First, let me state that I am all for ‘sexy’ costumes. Women and men are free to feel and look as sexy as they want-work it people. But here’s the thing, if you look in the women’s costume section, they are almost entirely ‘sexy’ variations. Point in case for me was Princess Leia.

Last year, I decided to dress-up as Princess Leia. I didn’t have time to make it myself but figured with the beautiful thing known as the World Wide Web I would easily find a good Princess Leia costume. (And when I say Princess Leia, I don’t mean “slave Leia.” Leia would never have worn that; she was forced to wear it). Back to my search- I found plenty of good slave Leia costumes, but the pickings were much slimmer for Leia’s dress. You could either buy:

a.)  crappy version of an awesome and simple costume option

or  b.) sexy dolled up Princess Leia

*Wait, what!? Who the hell decided that Leia wants slits down both sides of her dress? And I am pretty sure the dress never grabbed at her chest like that….* Anyway, in the end, I was able to find a good costume.

This has been a growing scene in female costumes. Making anything and everything sexy, leaving many to search aimlessly for the non-sexy, what-the-[fill in the blank here]-actually-looks-like costume. Recently I challenged my Facebook friends to find the most ridiculous sexy costumes possible, and boy was I not disappointed. Here are just a few….

Sexy Watermelon

Sexy Bert

Sexy Tarantula

and of course, Sexy Honey Badger

If I decide I want to be a freakin’ dinosaur for the glorious All-Hallow’s Eve, I want to dress like this:

Not like this,

This is not a dinosaur. This is an overpriced, unimaginative, furry mini-dress.

So for the love of costumes and all things glorious about Halloween, please stop buying these.* Maybe then companies will make non-sexy costumes and realize that women like to be more than just a sex symbol (especially since that is what we’re used for the rest of the year anyway).

*If you want to go the sexy route, try finding a character that actually makes sense being sexy- like Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, etc.