More Costumes? Yes Please

More Costumes? Yes Please

We had too many great costumes to share in one post, so here are some more great costumes sent in by readers. Enjoy!

Tom Farney as Butch Coolidge from Pulp Fiction


Jiao Zhang as a Mail Order Bride


Brianna Noll as Joan from Mad Men


Dylan Green as Normal Saline and Tracy Chin as Blood

“I don’t know who thought of this idea first–Dylan and I have already argued about it, lol. But we made the costumes with puffy paint. He traced his and mine was free hand. I sewed the white label on to a red shirt afterwards…then we attached the tubing to the shirts. I like them too since blood is only compatible with normal saline.”


Diane Vu with Friends as Kigurumi Krew

Kigurumi Krew terrorizing Grand Central! Fox (Diane V.), Owl (Connie O.), Dinosaur (Chris G.), and Red Panda (Sean H.)


Mason Armour as a Scary Clown and Dr. Horrible

“I’ve got a PHD in horribleness.”


Non-Sexy Watermelon, spotted by Alexander Y.*

*In response to “Watermelons are Not Sexy”