Nerd of the Week

Meet Sasha, a Fashion Nerd

Interview by Terra Olsen

You can buy Sasha’s Anchor Bracelets on her Etsy site


How did you discover fashion?

It wasn’t something that happened in one particular moment. I didn’t wake up think “I’m going to get into fashion!” I used to make my Barbie’s clothes out of fabric odds and ends as a kid. I always wanted to wear a dress and the biggest bow possible. I never really went through a tomboy phase. In 3rd grade I wanted a bowl cut like Cyna Phillips. Talk about a failed trend. I always loved fashion and was always glued to Vogue, and ballet class was always all about trying to outdo each other on the coolest homemade warm-ups. I never thought I could make a career out of fashion, I didn’t think it was an option. In fact, in high school I was in honors classes and thought about physical therapy. Growing up in Washington wasn’t exactly the epicenter of the fashion world. More like the epicenter of Birkenstocks and wool sweaters. I dreamed of going to FIDM in LA but I didn’t have the guts until I was 20. Best thing I ever did!

What about fashion sparked the nerd in you?

Seeing Alexander McQueen in person usually brings tears to my eyes. Such amazing works of art. That’s pretty dorky if you ask me!

How has fashion impacted your life? How do you incorporate fashion into your life?

Sasha also makes dog accessories, as modeled here by Chica

I’m a hair, make-up and wardrobe stylist. So I have to be up on all trends and techniques full circle. I’m my own best guinea pig.

Where do you want to take fashion in the future?

Fashion is a life long journey for me…I’m not dead yet so who knows where I’ll end up!

Any advice for others interested in exploring fashion?

Try some things out…. if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Everyone has their own style-bums, nerds, politicians, business Betty’s. Figure out what colors and style/cuts look best on your skin tone and body. If you are interested in having a career in fashion, don’t hold back. It’s a bold world and not one for the meek.

Favorite moment/memory involving fashion? 

My great grandmother used to wear big church lady hats (Amazing, I know!). Years after she passed I was watching a home video of her. I must’ve been around three… We were having a family day at the bay in Hood Canal and it was windy, but she had her hat on and was holding on to it for dear life. As I sat there and stared at her, the videographer was laughing and said, “Sasha’s the only one that appreciates Grandma Mae’s hats.” Appreciating fashion has truly always been in me.


Native Seattleite Sasha Gold is a makeup, hair, and fashion stylist. Sasha moved to California to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she earned her degree in Visual Communications. Sasha acts as lead and assistant stylist on various fashion shoots, shows, movie premiers, commercials, and red carpet events. She is also the creator of the Anchor Bracelet, which you can purchase off her etsy site. Sasha currently resides in Long Beach with her dog Chica and boyfriend Shawn. Please visit her site and blog.

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