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March 28

ECCC Happenings: Thrilling Adv. Hour & Night Vale

By: Terra Clarke Olsen This is a great week for Seattle geeks (and visitors). ECCC shenanigans have the city in a blissful nerd frenzy, and I love it. Yes, there are a lot of events happening…so many that you might be overwhelmed. But whatever you do, clear your Saturday night and buy tickets to the […]

October 18

Interview with Chaka Cumberbatch, Cosplayer Extraordinaire

Interview with Chaka Cumberbatch, Cosplayer Extraordinaire Interview by Sabrina Taylor OK everyone, let’s be frank.  I’ve been told enough times in my life that I’m “unique” that I suspect there’s some truth to that statement.   I’m a black girl from Iowa who loves anime, LOTS of anime, and read comics when she should be studying. […]

September 11

Featured Nerd: Tara Theoharis

Featured Nerd: Tara Theoharis Interview by Terra Olsen What are you nerdy for? I’m nerdy for blogging! It’s the perfect mix of writing, social media, and wasting time on the internet. 😉 Plus it gives me a fantastic way to tell like-minded folks about all of the cool things I find. How did you discover blogging? […]

July 05

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff: Andrea Cole Interview by Terra Olsen What are your favorite things to nerd out on? A better question might be “What don’t I nerd out on?” But seriously, I love all things Disney, food and cooking, and Roman history. You can read all about my love of Disney in my Nerd of […]

May 31

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff: Virginia Eader Interview by Terra Olsen What are your favorite things to nerd out on?  Organizing things and making lists (I’m a type ‘A’ personality so it comes with the territory). John Hughes Films. Star Trek. FASHION. Thrifting. Analyzing old (and new) television shows for sexism, racism, heterosexism, American egocentrism, etc. Arts […]

April 26

Nerd Guy of the Month

Meet Patrick, a Voice Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen Although you’re a nerd for many things (science, video games, etc), some people might be surprised to discover that you’re a voice nerd (that’s right, we’re coining a new term). How did you discover your love for singing and doing voices? Funny thing, I always wanted […]

April 19

Interview with Marina, Founder of Girly Geeky Clothing

Interview with Marina, Founder of Girly Geeky Clothing Interview by Terra Olsen Tell me about yourself. My name is Marina Eichenberg. I am the Girly Geek. Currently I live in Issaquah and work as a Toddler teacher. I spend my days making messes (but mostly cleaning them up) and love it! It’s so much fun […]