Featured Nerd: Tara Theoharis

Featured Nerd: Tara Theoharis

Interview by Terra Olsen

What are you nerdy for?

I’m nerdy for blogging! It’s the perfect mix of writing, social media, and wasting time on the internet. 😉 Plus it gives me a fantastic way to tell like-minded folks about all of the cool things I find.

Tara Theoharis

How did you discover blogging?

Like many teens growing up in the early 2000’s, I started blogging through livejournal. Back then it was just emo song lyrics and posts about my day. It was more like a journal for my friends than a blog as we see them now!
After college, I joined a social media marketing agency that had me start a gaming blog called Zaxy. I brought on some other girls and we had a lot of fun with it. However, gaming wasn’t my passion, and I wanted to focus on a blog of my own that featured things I wanted to learn more about, which is why I created The Geeky Hostess!

What about blogging sparked the nerd in you?

Blogging is a great way to make yourself write and make yourself learn new things on a daily basis. It gives meTara Theoharis geeky hostess an excuse to surf the internet and visit all of my favorite sites! I’ve also learned a lot about building websites (or at least WordPress sites) and have learned a bit of html/css in the process. Lastly, it gives my introverted self a way to be more social and meet new people without always having to leave my house. 

How has blogging impacted your life?

Blogging’s impacted my life in a few ways. I get invited to a lot of cool events and conventions through the blog, so I’ve had the opportunity to travel places, try new things, and meet cool people because of it. It’s also encouraged me to go out there and ask for things I want. Think that person is awesome and want to interview them or collaborate with them? Just ask! I also find myself analyzing all of my daily activities: “Can I blog about this?” “Is this someone I want to connect with for a post or partnership in the future?”
I incorporate blogging into my life by putting some time aside every day to write posts. After 3 years, it’s just become habit. It feels weird if I don’t write something! I’ve also gotten faster at writing up posts, which helps.

Where do you want to take blogging in the future?

Tara Theoharis Geeky

Through my blog, I’ve developed a “Geeky Hostess” brand and I’m thrilled to be adding on additional projects to it. I’m opening up an online store [it is now live!], filming show pilots, and working on a book outline. I’d love to be known as “The Geeky Hostess” in the future and spend more time traveling and sharing fun party ideas, recipes, and etiquette tips!

Any advice for others interested in blogging?

Just get started! You can set up a blog really easily using WordPress. Then start writing about what you’re interested in. Follow other bloggers that write about the same topics, and make connections.

Favorite moment/memory involving blogging?

My favorite moments are whenever I meet a reader in real life or get an email from a reader. I love finding out that someone’s made a connection with me, bought an amazing gift for a friend they found on my site, or started to cook/craft/entertain/blog more because of my posts. It makes my whole week!
Tara Theoharis is the creator of The Geeky Hostess, a blog focused on integrating your geeky passions into every day life. When not writing about parties, recipes, etiquette, and cool stuff she finds, she produces Job Hunters, acts, models, and does social media marketing. Her weaknesses are candy, lip gloss, a good sale, and internet memes. Please check out Tara’s site www.geekyhostess.com, and these other links! 
Twitter: @GeekyHostess