Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff: Andrea Cole

Interview by Terra Olsen

What are your favorite things to nerd out on?

A better question might be “What don’t I nerd out on?” But seriously, I love all things Disney, food and cooking, and Roman history.

You can read all about my love of Disney in my Nerd of the Week post. I try to go to Disneyland about once a Paperman_(2012)_posteryear and make a point of checking out the latest movie releases. Did you see “Paperman” before “Wreck-It Ralph”? It was one of the best things that Disney has produced in a long time! Loved it!

When it comes to food, I’m constantly scoping out the next restaurant to visit or recipe to try. I collect cookbooks and am constantly working on my own recipes. Maybe one day ill even write my own book.

I took six years of Latin in middle and high school, so you can bet that I love the Classics! I love Roman mystery novels and have a fairly extensive collection. You’ll also always find me in the Greek and Roman sections of the art museum while everyone else ogles the Impressionists.

 When did you realize that you were a ‘nerd’?

I’m pretty sure that I always knew that I was a nerd. I was always the “weird” girl in school who loved science and history and wanted to be a scientist when she grew up. My family is amazingly nerdy and it was a normal thing for me to discuss fossils, MRIs, and Star Wars at the dinner table. Not a shabby way to grow up if you ask me!

What is your favorite ‘nerdy’ possession?

It really depends on which hobby you’re talking about! I have a thirst signed by Jane Goodall that I love. She came to my college to give a speech when I was a freshman. Such an inspiring lady! Then there’s my original animation cel from the first season of Sailor Moon. But perhaps my favorite thing is an iron ring from the late Roman Empire. It fits too!

What is the one book you could read over and over again?71iEw2xAHkL._SL1360_

Roman Blood by Steven Saylor. It’s the first of his Roma Sub Rosa series about the private detective, Gordianus the Finder. The imagery that Saylor uses to bring the Late Republic alive is just astounding. I was first introduced to the series by my high school Latin teacher and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since.

Why did you join Have You Nerd (besides Terra forcing you)?

Joining HYN was my idea! I had previously volunteered with GeekGirlCon and wanted to do something like that again, so it made total sense. Also, I’m terrible at keeping my own blogs, but since we’re a team, it’s so much easier to write posts (with the occasional harassment from Terra 😉 ).

Perfect meal. Describe!

I LOVE food so this is hard. But I can tell you that it would include my really close friends, lots of nice wine, and good conversation. As for the food, I’m really into farm-to-table right now and would love to have a dinner party full of local veggies, cheeses, maybe some fresh pasta, and a lamb ragu. Dessert would be a pavlova, chewy meringue, fruits, and lots of whipped cream. Divine!