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August 12

Nerdy Decor: Beautiful Bookcases

Nerdy Decor – Episode 5: Beautiful Bookcases By: Andrea Cole Do you have a lot of books? I’m sure you do. People love books, but sometimes the places we stash them don’t always match our decor. Bookcases often take the raw end of the deal and become more functional than fun. But let’s change that! Below […]

July 26

The Evolution of the Social Networking Site

The Evolution of the Social Networking Site By: Andrea Cole In the beginning there was the Internet, a vast and lonely space occupied only by computer science majors and Trekkies.  Then came IRC, ICQ, instant messaging, and email. And AOL saw that it was good. But man and woman were lonely and needed to interact […]

July 12

Nerdy Decor: Handmade Haven

Nerdy Decor – Episode 4: Handmade Haven By: Andrea Cole Welcome back to Nerdy Decor! This time we’re going to look at some nerdy handmade elements that you can add to your home. Don’t worry, you’re not required to make things if you’re not feeling crafty. That’s what sites like Etsy are for! Zelda Keyholder […]

July 05

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff: Andrea Cole Interview by Terra Olsen What are your favorite things to nerd out on? A better question might be “What don’t I nerd out on?” But seriously, I love all things Disney, food and cooking, and Roman history. You can read all about my love of Disney in my Nerd of […]

June 24

Fossil Files: Inspiring and Intriguing Invertebrates!

Fossil Files: Inspiring and Intriguing Invertebrates! By: Andrea Cole Growing up, I got to know a lot about fossils. My dad is a fossil collector by hobby and he’s especially interested in invertebrates, so much so that we have a veritable museum full of arthropods, mollusks, anemones, corals, and so much more. As such, when […]

June 05

Good Reads: Roma Sub Rosa Series

Good Reads: Steven Saylor’s Roma Sub Rosa Series By: Andrea Cole I’m a Classics nerd and have been since I was in middle school. I love reading Greek and Roman myths and learning all that I can about the history of Classical Europe. But really, my one true love is of Rome. I took six years […]

May 20

My Mom, the Nerd Icon

My Mom, the Nerd Icon By: Andrea Cole My mom’s birthday is in May and so is Mother’s Day, which means I get to spend (even more!) time thinking about my mom. And you know what? She’s been one of the great influences in my nerdy career. Both my parents are, but I want to […]