Nerdy Decor: Handmade Haven

Nerdy Decor – Episode 4: Handmade Haven

By: Andrea Cole

Welcome back to Nerdy Decor! This time we’re going to look at some nerdy handmade elements that you can add to your home. Don’t worry, you’re not required to make things if you’re not feeling crafty. That’s what sites like Etsy are for!

Zelda Keyholder


Need something for your entryway? Love old school video games? Then you’re in luck! Hang your keys and let the old man remind you where they are when you need to go out. All it would take to make this is a wood block, some paint, a hook or two for your keys, and some patience.


Pac Man Cork Boards


Need to tack some notes up? Don’t have the space for a full-sized cork board? Well now you don’t have to resign yourself to oh so boring squares. Grab an exacto knife and get cutting!


Mario Brothers Fish Tank


Got fish? Get them in on the nerdy decor action and spruce up their tank. Here we have a Super Mario Brothers tank, but you could capture a level from any of your favorite 8-bit video games.

Damn Geeky

Potter Pillow Pals


Sometimes when I read a Harry Potter book, I just want to give a character a hug. Obviously that’s hard, but these pillows make it easier! Here we have a set of the three main characters in the HP series, but Etsy seller PantoufledeVerre has a bunch of characters to choose from. Time for a Potter pile!

Trio of Wizard Pillows, PantoufledeVerre

Aperture Science Tissue Box


Listen up, Test Subjects! Do the sniffles have you down? Time to take care of that and remember your training at the same time. Make this tissue box and you’ll be one step closer to that cake!


Small World Mural


Hankering for some nerdy Mid-Century design? Take a look at this mural based on concept art from “It’s a Small World”. Now the ride (and the song) may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny that it’s got style.

Merryweather’s Cottage

Dino Planters


Image via

Every houseplant needs a home. Why not make it a T-Rex? This tutorial shows you how to transform dino toys into planters for your small plants.

Check out this post from Katie, who shows you how to make them.


Have you DIYed anything for you home? Tell us about it in the comments!