Nerdy Decor: Beautiful Bookcases

Nerdy Decor – Episode 5: Beautiful Bookcases

By: Andrea Cole

Do you have a lot of books? I’m sure you do. People love books, but sometimes the places we stash them don’t always match our decor. Bookcases often take the raw end of the deal and become more functional than fun. But let’s change that! Below you’ll find a variety of ideas for bookcases, both fantastical and achievable.


Tired of the Expedit? Why not try something that looks like it popped out of Star Wars!


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For the comic nerd. Let them know what’s on your mind!


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Need some motivation? How about a little subliminal messaging?


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Ok, now this is cool. Make a room a secret with a movable bookcase! I’d put it in front of a small reading nook and disappear into my books!


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Are people always asking you what you’ve read and what’s on your list? Well now you can show them! It’s also way tidier than a pile next to your bed.


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Short on vertical storage space?Time to get low. Use this idea and make the space under your bed your book storage! You don’t really need all though Christmas sweaters that you stash under there, do you?


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You’d probably need to get crafty for this one, but imagine a set of ghosts and Pac Man!


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And finally, the one everyone dreams of… a library right out of Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast! (Anthropomorphic accessories not included.)


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What’s your ideal bookcase? Something small and practical? Something extravagant? Or just a Kindle?