The Five Best (but Worst) Things About AMC’s The Killing

The Five Best (but Worst) Things

About AMC’s The Killing

By: Meg Humphrey

With AMC’s The Killing most of the way through a third season, I’d like to take my time to express my feelings about the first two seasons of the show. Don’t worry – no plot spoilers!

1. Rosie Larsen’s murder takes two whole seasons to solve.
Why this is good: The Killing is actually a mystery. So many crime shows revel the killer at the very beginning, or you can guess who it is before the detectives do (I play this game with SVU. I am right 80% of the time). It’s engaging and you actually get to know everyone involved.
Why this is bad: Because almost every other crime show out there is wrapped up in one to three episodes, the 26 episode arc is sometimes difficult to bear. There were many days of flinging myself on the couch crying out “JUST TELL ME WHO IT IS ALREADY!!”

KILLING 1It’s one of these guys…maybe? Probably?

2. They cram in as many Northwest stereotypes as possible.
Why this is good: Thanks to all of the different facets of PNW living, there are plenty of clues and different locations to lengthen the mystery.
Why this is bad: Because they really needed to show off a selfish and greedy tribal Native America chief. Of course all of the kids around here read manga and you know someone who lives on a houseboat. Duh.

3. The Killing is a more accurate depiction of police work.
Why this is good: Too many people believe that DNA results take overnight. That CODIS will always find finger prints. Good guys will always be good, even if they rough up their suspects a little bit. This is what they see on TV and this is wrong. Processing evidence takes time. Police stations are not ultra high tech. Women in the field don’t wear high heels and skirts with perfectly styled hair. People get wrongly accused. The police often run into dead ends. It’s not a dangerous yet glamorous life.
Why this is bad: The truth is depressing. I study criminology and the injustices in the show are too real for comfort. Rich and powerful people can’t be touched. Police have to play politics rather than focusing on the law. Minorities become suspects so easily. Dedicated policemen often burn out due to the stress of their jobs. These issues are real problems that need real attention – not just fodder for plot twists.

KILLING 2Not exactly like what you saw in CSI: Miami, right?

4. Detective Holder is the most upstanding person on the show.
Why this is good: Everyone else in the show is really messed up. It’s really nice that there’s at least one person to root for and it’s nice that it IS a cop. Holder is someone I didn’t really care for at first, but over the course of the show I liked him more and more.
Why this is bad: It feels weird that the most sensible and likeable character on the show is the ex-junkie.

KILLING 3He also looks good in a suit (which you don’t see until season three)

5. It does not rain like that in Seattle.
Why this is good: I already have enough competition for jobs. Don’t move here.
Why this is bad: I’m tired of people not from here asking about how terrible our weather is. This summer has been nothing short of GLORIOUS.