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October 31

I Can’t Even: Horror Movies I Will Never Watch Again

By: Meg Humphrey   It’s no secret I love horror movies of all kinds. I’ve even sat through Cannibal Holocaust and The Human Centipede 2. Sci-fi Horror, psychological horror, super gory horror, totally weird horror that doesn’t make any sense – I’ll take it all. But despite my strong stomach and tolerance of staged depravity, […]

June 18

Podcastle: Feminist Fantasy Audio Fiction

By: Leah Zoller Considering the underrepresentation of women authors and protagonists in literature, film, and publication, I feel that sharing and promoting media that demonstrate gender balance is critical to changing the genre. Today I’m pleased to review Podcastle, a free weekly podcast of audio fantasy fiction. Produced by Escape Artists, Podcastle branched out of […]

April 28

Movie Review: The Quiet Ones

By: Meg Humphrey Thanks to Lionsgate and GeekGirlCon, I got to attend a screening of The Quiet Ones a day before it came out! Let me preface this with two things: this is my first time going to a screening and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie in the theater alone! […]

March 28

ECCC Happenings: Thrilling Adv. Hour & Night Vale

By: Terra Clarke Olsen This is a great week for Seattle geeks (and visitors). ECCC shenanigans have the city in a blissful nerd frenzy, and I love it. Yes, there are a lot of events happening…so many that you might be overwhelmed. But whatever you do, clear your Saturday night and buy tickets to the […]

November 04

Old Crimes Feel New: BBC’s Ripper Street

Old Crimes Feel New: BBC’s Ripper Street by Meg Humphrey I was really upset when I stumbled upon Ripper Street (2012) on Netflix and had heard nothing about it. I figured with how crazy the population of Tumblr is over anything BBC that I would at least have seen one or two gif sets or […]

September 09

A Fresh View of Rotting Corpses

A Fresh View of Rotting Corpses: Not Your Average Zombie Stories  By: Meg Humphrey Breathers by S.G. Browne In his debut book, Browne’s Zombie Romantic Comedy (Zom-Rom-Com) hits all the right spots. Zombies aren’t a mass infection taking over the world, they are a random accident – sometimes when someone dies they become a zombie. […]

August 09

The Five Best (but Worst) Things About AMC’s The Killing

The Five Best (but Worst) Things About AMC’s The Killing By: Meg Humphrey With AMC’s The Killing most of the way through a third season, I’d like to take my time to express my feelings about the first two seasons of the show. Don’t worry – no plot spoilers! 1. Rosie Larsen’s murder takes two […]

June 28

Woman in Horror- A Dichotomy

Woman in Horror- A Dichotomy By: LB Chambers I am a big horror fan. Let me clarify. I am a big horror (anything that isn’t torture porn or slasher) film fan. Which I realize makes me a non-horror fan to many people, but I digress. I read and watch a lot of horror films, and have throughout […]

May 24

Doing Werewolves Right: Netflix’s Hemlock Grove

Doing Werewolves Right: Netflix’s Hemlock Grove  By: Meg Humphrey Curse you Netflix and your original series! Of course I’m excited for Arrested Development to come back, but I didn’t bat an eyelash when the exclusive series House of Cards popped up. While browsing for something to throw on in the background while sewing one early […]

April 24

The Story Behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The Story Behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula By: Alexis Fabricius During my undergrad, I took a course on Gothic Literature that was taught by a professor who was obsessed with vampires; in fact, he was one of only three people in Canada to have received his doctorate in “vampirology”. Throughout the course he gave us more […]

April 15

Not Enough Groovy: The Evil Dead Remake

Not Enough Groovy: The Evil Dead Remake (spoiler free!) By: Meg Humphrey I’ll admit that it’s been a few years since I’ve watched Evil Dead. I feel like Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness just happen to pop up more (like how Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom seems to always been on […]

February 08

Nerd of the Week

Meet Brooke, a Speculative Fiction Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen You’re a nerd for speculative fiction. Can you explain to our readers what exactly is speculative fiction and how it inspires the nerd in you?  It’s a pretty contentious term, speculative fiction.  I like it because it encompasses a broad range of storytelling modes, but that breadth […]