WTF Did I Just Watch? American Horror Story

WTF Did I Just Watch?

American Horror Story Season 1

By:  Meg Humphrey

Neither my boyfriend nor I have TV, so when Netflix started streaming American Horror Story, I was pretty excited. I heard some of the ladies talking about it at work and being a murder/gore whore I figured it was right up my alley. Turns out I was right and wrong about that.

First, the things that upset me the most were probably not the things that upset most people. I was really, REALLY troubled by the father’s, Dr. Ben Harmon, infidelity and his inability to keep it in his pants. Don’t get me wrong, Dylan McDermott (the actor) is pretty stinkin’ handsome, but his character is the biggest jerk. Even after the terrible things leading up to the family’s move to LA (the start of the show) and his wife’s willingness to go along he STILL could barely manage to keep it in his pants. This is what unnerved me the most about this show and I didn’t like it. Horror isn’t supposed to make your heart hurt.

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Second, I thought the most interesting ghosts of the Murder House (srsly, that’s what it’s called) should have a much bigger chunk of the show. That would be the original owners, Dr. Charles and Nora Montgomery who built the mansion in 1928. I don’t want to give everything away, but basically it boils down to drug-addicted doctor and spoiled wife start up a side business giving abortions to young ladies and Charles creating creatures from sewing together various animal parts. Eventually, he succeeds in meshing a human baby with animal parts and giving it life. I would watch a whole show JUST ABOUT THEM because that’s the kind of freaky-deaky stuff I expect from a horror show.

american horror murder house

Lastly, I didn’t like the ending (meaning the very last episode). It was too happy, too clean, too easily wrapped up and topped with a bow.

Overall I’d say it was fairly good considering there’s nothing else like it on TV (that I know of). The first two to three episodes were chilling, but with more and more ghosts introduced it started turning into a soap opera. There are good parts in every episode, but I didn’t miss anything by only having it on in the background while I worked on something else.

PS. The absolute best thing about the show was super cool security guard, Luke. He’s handsome AND has upstanding moral character. My favorite!!

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